Car fans should know better than to trust GM’s words in their marketing campaign as the firm often end up contradicting themselves. An example would be GM’s hate on the Ford F-150 aluminum setup but they ended up applying more aluminum on the vehicles following that.

In short, GM is very contradictive with their messages and they are not bothered by it so long as they achieve their desired goals with the said messages.

We bring this up because Google is beginning to look like the GM of the smartphone industry. A new report has surfaced claiming that the Pixel 2 won’t be coming with an audio jack. This report is further backed up by the Pixel 2’s leaked cases which show no audio jack port.

About a year ago, Google explicitly provoked Apple for removing the audio port on the iPhone 7 during the Pixel launch event and they also quoted that such changes won’t happen to their products. So if the Pixel 2 is to carry no audio ports, Google has impaled its loyalist through breaking its promise.

The only good news here is that the Pixel 2 has yet to make its official unveiling hence the above may not come true. If it does however, we are interested to see how the backlash will be like.

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