Google has just released a new update to fix some of the display issues that their Google Pixel 2 users have been experiencing but it looks like it is not the end for them yet.

According to some of the reports by Pixel 2 XL users, the phone now has a new bug. Based on what we have read, the Pixel 2 XL now has dead spots where the display will show the image but it does not recognize when it is touched by the user.

Users added that the device will recognize slides but not taps on the images. While the phone is still usable, it is definitely annoying and inconvenient. Google has responded to the complains and announce that a software fix for the issue will be released soon but before that happens, fans will have to make do with the buggy display for the time being.

Hopefully, the update will arrive sooner. This is not the first time the new Google Pixel 2 has been affected by display issue. Although Google has made sure that the fix was ready as soon as possible, it is still frustrating for the fans.

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