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PlayStation 4 Cross-Play Not Too Far Off Now


The one thing that fans have always been hoping to see with online games is the ability to cross-play as it will allow fans and players from different platforms to enjoy the game together.

Well, Sony has revealed that they are working to have the cross-play feature on their PS4 but the last we heard, the feature was still in beta. According to the latest report, Sony might have just made some progress and that they have already taken cross-play out of beta.

That means the cross-play feature could be coming real soon. With that in place, any games that want to have cross-play features will be able to do so. Wired also reported that Sony is also considering lowering the price of their PlayStation Now subscription.

Of all the companies, Sony was the one that was most reluctant to offer cross-play but they finally gave in and seems to be making some progress on that front.

Author:Michelle Kade

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