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PlayStation 5 New Controller Design Revealed


Despite talking about the PlayStation 5 a few times now, Sony has finally given us a glimpse at what the new controller will look like when the PlayStation 5 arrives.

The new controllers will come with a few new features like the Dual Sense sports along with a long list of fresh features. According to Sony, they wanted to make sure what makes the current controllers great will remain while also improving on it.

In terms of design, the new controller will be getting a two-toned color design with the Light Bar. Instead of on the top, the light is now on the side of the touchpad. The shape is also thicker now which could improve the grip of the vehicle.

It would also be fitted with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers like when a car drives through mud and the slow grittiness will be felt through the controller. The triggers on the L2 and R2 buttons will also have levels of resistance to make gameplay much more immersive.

The power cable is now a USB-C Port. It will also have a build-in Mic so users won’t have to use a headset. More details should be announced in the near future.

Author:Michelle Kade

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