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PlayStation 5: What You Need To Know


With GDC not happening this month, PS5 lead decided to go live to talk a little about the upcoming console and what it will be offering.

Some important design was highlighted but there were some that were more exciting than others. According to Mark Cerny, backward compatibility will be a huge part of the new console as players will be able to play PS4 games the moment the console arrives.

It was also added that PS5 will come to a 3D audio tech which means players can hear monsters coming up behind them. It was also pointed out that the console won’t have a long game installing time which is something that PS4 players have been complaining about.

The new PlayStation console will also utilize a custom SSD which will feature a transfer speed of 5.5GB/s. Do check out the livestream video to see what else the new PS5 will be offering.

Author:Michelle Kade

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