Pokemon Go fans can now battle and capture Legendary Pokemon like Ho-oh, Latias and Latios but that is not all as Niantic announce they will be rolling out a new batch of research next week that will allow players to encounter Articuno.

Starting from 1st of June, players will be able to find new assortments of Field Research task when they visit Pokestops. We do not know what the quest will be about but we do know that it will have something to do with Water-Type pokemon. Completed the quest and earning all the stamps will allow players to capture Articuno.

The new Field Research quest has been a great way for players to capture Legendary besides taking part in raid battles. Niantic is also preparing to release the Alolan forms of some of the Pokemon soon. There is also the new Adventure Week event which will start on the 5th of June. The next community day event will be on the 16th of June and the star pokemon this time around will be Larvitar.

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