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Pokemon Go: Battle System To Get An Update


While most fans were not too happy with the battle system that the Pokemon Go app had in place in the beginning but by now, most of the fans are probably used to it and have already accepted the fact that it will be this way although that does not mean they will not welcome any changes to it.

It was announced that Niantic will be updated the Pokemon Go app once more and this time, it will include some changes to the trainer battles. According to the developers, the train battle system will be updated to be more intuitive and responsive and they will also make the health car pulse when it is being hit just to show that it is taking damage.

The moves will also get some update with moves like Bubble Beam being able to also lower the attack stat of the opponent’s Pokemon now. Moves like Thunder Fang and Ice Fang will be added to the game and some Pokemon will be able to learn moves that they could not in the past.

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