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Pokemon Go: Get Those Eggs Hatched


With the start of a new year also means the return of many of the events from Pokemon Go with one of the latest event being an egg hatching event.

Hatchathon even will be returning once more giving players an extra chance to earn more bonuses and also hatch more special Pokemons from their eggs during the event.

Players will not only get more Rare Candies, Stardust and maybe even Unova Stone when they walk enough to hatch an egg. The Unova Stone is pretty rare in the game so it will be nice to score some during the event. Hatching a Pokemon will you extra Stardust and Candies as well.

The event will run from now until the 16th of January. All the details are on their website right now so you can also head on there to check out the new event as well as any ongoing events and special research that is going on.

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