The biggest news for the Pokemon Go app will be the new Trading and friends list update but these are not the only update that Niantic released for the app.

Besides those new features, we will also be getting a few new Alolan Pokemon. However, you won’t be seeing this running out in the open as you can only get them by hatching an egg and those are not even the normal egg.

Among the Gift that you can receive from friends, there is the new 7KM egg which will hatch into one of the new Alolan form Pokemon from the Kanto region. Right now, players will have a chance of getting one of the four Alolan form Pokemon, Grimer, Vulpix, Sandshrew, and Meowth. Two more Pokemon, Diglett and Geodude will get their Alolan form next month during the Pokemon Go Fest.

There is also the Alolan Exeggutor which can be found in the world. Players can also catch Regice in Raid Battles and also come across Lunatone or Solrock depending on your region.

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