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Pokemon Go New Team Rocket Event Gone Live!


There were already a lot of hints that we will be seeing more of Team Rocket pretty soon and now Niantics has announced the Team Rocket event.

The event will introduce us to the Team Rocket bosses that were teased not too long ago. From what we know, the appearance of these new bosses will trigger more Team Rocket type of Pokemons so we will be seeing more of them in the wild.

There is also a chance for players to catch themselves a Shiny Meowth now. We will also see more Team Rocket Pokemons in Raids. Team Rocket has also added a few new Shadow Pokemons to their lineup including Bellsprout, Magnemite, Porygon, Wobbuffet and more.

To encounter the new Team Rocket bosses, you will need a new item called the Rocket Radar which can be assemble after collecting six mysterious components from Team Rocket grunts. There is also a new Special Research questline that will arrive with Team Rocket leaders.

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