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Pokemon Go Not Done With Team Rocket Yet


A new Team Rocket feature was added to the Pokemon Go game not too long ago where players will be able to battle Team Rocket members that PokeStops but it looks like Niantic has more in store.

On the official Pokemon Go Twitter page, we see them posting a few distorted images that seem to suggest that we might see some new characters. The characters in the image do not look familiar but some people think they are somehow related to Team Rocket since there is that R next to each character.

In the franchise, we know that above Team Rocket, there are the Rocket Admins which could be what these new characters are a part of. Niantic did also teased Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket in the past but we have not seen him in the game yet.

For now, Pokemon Go players can look forward to the next Community Day which will be happening on the 12th of October.

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