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Pokemon Go Starting Its Holiday Event Now


It is the holidays and that means more events for Pokemon Go. The event will run from now until the 1st of January and here is what you need to know.

Players will be seeing more holiday-themed Pokemon this time as well as exclusive Field Research task. There will also be a few more Gen 5 Pokemons added to the game.

Ice-Type Pokemon like Sneasel, Delibrid, and Snorunt will be appearing in the wild more often. Players will also get a chance to catch Cubchoo, the polar bear cub that appeared in Pokemon Black & White. There is also a chance to catch a Shiny version of Snover.

Team Rocket will also be getting a few more Shadow Pokemon like the Delibird. There will also be some holiday themed items for the avatar. Virizion will also still be in the game until the 7th of January.

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