The latest Pokemon Go live event has started and this time, it will be all about the Fighting-type Pokemon.

Starting this week, Fighting-type Pokemon will appear more frequently. That means you will see more Machop and Makuhita in the wild. From now until the 14th of May, players will also get double XP bonus for Gym Battles and Raid Battles.

In fact, you will get 3000 Stardust just for playing in a Raid battle and a win will guarantee you at least one Rare Candy. Gyms will also get some extra bonuses this time like a double Badge multiplier for visiting gyms that you visit often. Photo Disc will drop more items as well.

After this live event, the next event to look forward to will be the May Community Day. This time, the star will be the Fire-type Charizard although we still do not know what special move it will have.

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