The Adventure Week for Pokemon Go is over now but Niantics is ready with a new event.

The new event called Water Festival would start from now until the 21st of June. As the name would suggest, the game will be all about Water Pokemon. That means players will see more Water Pokemon like Magikarp and Wailmer. 2KM eggs will also hatch Water Pokemon like Mudkip, Corpfish, Totodile and more. Egg hatched during this period will have double the amount of candy and stardust.

There is also a chance that you might come across a Shiny Shellder during the event. Raid Battles will also feature powerful Water Type Pokemon like Kyogre so this is your chance to catch the Legendary Pokemon if you missed out on it the last time. If you need another reason to capture it again, Niantic teased that there might be a Shiny form this time as well.

On top of all that, there will also be a new set of Field Research quest to complete.

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