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Pokemon Masters: Players Getting Bored So Soon?


The Pokemon Masters mobile game app was released back in August on the Android and iOS and while it has only been around for 2 months or so, the players are already getting bored of what the game will be offering.

Not only are they saying that there is not enough content to keep the players coming back but the game is also plagued with a lot of issues that have put many people off playing the game.

According to developer DeNA, the development team is working hard to try and address the bugs that are reported faster and more transparently. They also added that they are aware of the lack of content that the game has. They added that they were hoping that they would have the time to work on more content while the players progressed through the main story but added that players have now moved so quickly through the game and they are aware that they do not have more to offer.

The developer added that they are working hard to try to meet the expectations of their fans. To make up for the issues, they are also offering 1000 Gems for free to all players from now until the 7th of November.

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