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Pokemon Sword & Shield Drops New Freebie


Fans of the new Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch console will have a new freebie to claim now on top of the already available freebies in the game.

From now until the 30th of January, Pokemon Sword and Shield fans will get to claim 20 free Battle Points in the game. These special currencies can be earned if you compete in the Battle Tower which is only available once you beat the game. They can be used to purchase some pretty neat items like Nature changing mints and other equipment.

To claim it, all you need to do is select Mystery Gift from the menu, select Get a Mystery Gift > Get Gift via Code/Password, follow the instruction to connect and download the code.

If you have not claim your rear Poke Balls, you still have some time to do that as well as that will be ending on the 15th of January.

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