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Pokemon Sword & Shield New Mythical Pokemon Announced


This month will be an important month for The Pokemon Company as it was when Pokemon Red and Green were first released years ago. To celebrate the occasion, the developer will be making a huge announcement.

While we do not have a whole lot of details now, it was suggested that The Pokemon Company will be unveiling a new Mythical Pokemon on the 27th of February. Not only will we see the Pokemon in the game but it will also appear in an upcoming Pokemon film called Pokemon the Movie: Coco.

No additional details were revealed but Serebii did add that this Pokemon will be separate from Urshifu and Calyrex, the two Legendaries in the Pokemon Sword and Shield game.

The developer also revealed all the events that will be happening for the game this month so players will have their hands full while they wait for the unveiling of the new Pokemon

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