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Pokemon Sword & Shield: Older Pokemon Coming Back


When Pokemon Sword and Shield were first announced, it was revealed that some of the older Pokemon will not make it into the game which of course, upsets the fans since all Pokemons were offered in the previous game.

While the developer did not promise that they will bring all, at least it now looks like they are trying to bring in older Pokemon into the game. During their Pokemon Direct presentation, it was announced that more Pokemons are coming with the two expansion that fans will be seeing this year.

Not only will players be seeing some new Pokemon but about 200 older Pokemons that are not in the game now will be added into the game. Of course, you will only encounter them on the map if you purchase the DLC but for those that do not want to get the DLC, they can still trade the Pokemon over from friends that have the DLC.

The developer will also be releasing a free update on the same day the expansion is released so that all fans get to enjoy something that day.

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