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Pokemon Sword & Shield Special Max Raid Event Target Hit


Pokemon Sword and Shield players were given a chance to take on the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora in the special Max Raid event and the best part of it all is that if enough people complete it, there will be a bonus prize.

Well, it did not take long for the players to fulfil the event goal and the reward this time is that they will receive a shiny Zeraora soon. The event was organized to celebrate the release fo the first DLC of the game called Isle of Armor and instead of catching, you will be battling Zeraora.

To succeed, there needed to be one million players that managed to complete the raid. The event started on the 17th if June and will only need on the 28th of June but the players did not need all that time to complete it. Of course, if you have not completed the event yet, you still have some time to do it.

To get the shiny Zeroara, you will need to transfer a Pokemon to your game using Pokemon Home during the event.

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