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Pokemon Sword & Shield Will Have You Battling Like A Pro


While most of the fans do enjoy a battle here and there, no many people are brave enough to take on competitive battles as it can feel a little too intimidating.

Well, the developer wanted more poeple to take part in competitive battles and has made some changes to the next Pokemon Sword & Shield to make it easier for newer and fewer experienced players.

According to director Kazumasa Iwao, the Pokemons that are used in competitive battles are better than the Pokemon we catch in the game as players often spend a lot of time breeding and training Pokemons with perfect stats, moves and more after they are done with the story. It is very time consuming and players will need to put in a lot of time to do it.

They are hoping to make it easier for the fans by updating the game so that the Pokemons they catch in the game can be used in competitive battles and that the fix will also take into consideration the personality of the Pokemon that competitive players usually pay a lot of attention to.

The idea of competitive play can be more accessible now is exciting but we will have to see it in action first before we can make up our mind.

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