The Pokemon Sun and Moon are great but the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon could be even better as new leaks reveal more details about the alternate version of the games.

So what is the difference between the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Well, according to the leaked video, the developer made a few major changes to the game including a new appearance for the avatars. Lyranroc will also be getting a new form called the Dusk Form and according to the trailer, only a special Rockruff can evolve to this form. Those looking to own a Rockruff at the beginning of the game can get one by buying the game before the 10th of January. Rockruff will be awarded as a DLC gift.

One of the biggest changes that players will see is the changes to the region. It was added that there is going to be new landscapes and region that was not there in Sun and Moon. The Ultra version will also come with a few new Z-Moves as well.

The new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be released on the 17th of November.

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