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Polestar Concept Coupe Decision Explained


Polestar’s new upcoming model is based on a Volvo concept called the Concept Coupe and now the company is ready to give the public an explanation on why they chose the Concept Coupe instead of other Volvo concepts like the Concept Estate.

According to Polestar, they felt like the coupe was the better option as the shooting brake version feels more like something from Volvo while the Polestar 1 is a vehicle that does not fit into Volvo’s lineup and because of that, it makes perfect sense that Polestar should pick it up and work on it.

Of course, Volvo has made coupes in the past but turning their vehicles into one is not as easy as it seems and for now, it does not look like that is something that Volvo is looking to offer in their lineup.

Do you think Polestar should have worked on the Concept Estate instead of the Concept Coupe?

Author:Michelle Kade

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