Porsche doesn’t quite polarize consumers the way Tesla does, and is usually peerless in the way it brings excitement and satisfaction to its customers; but that hasn’t stopped Tesla from dethroning it in Consumer Reports’ latest customer satisfaction survey.

The electric car brand from Palo Alto has probably knocked the German automaker down a peg due to how it holds on to its customers once they’ve had a taste.

In spite of all the headaches Tesla puts its buyers through with repeated reliability and build quality issues, they’ve been steadfast in their support of the brand.

Only one out of ten owners of the Model S and Model X have said that they wouldn’t buy another Tesla vehicle, which suggests that we could expect a sizable portion of Model 3 purchases to come from existing Tesla owners.

This of course doesn’t mean that Porsche has worsened in any way. The sports car maker, despite disappointing a lot of its puritanical fans by diving head-first into the crossover and SUV business, still sits pretty as the runner-up in the CR survey.

Other premium brands have not fared so well, as the likes of BMW, Acura, and Infiniti have declined according to results of the survey. This also applies to the VW Group namesake brand Volkswagen.

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