We all know that Porsche is working on a new battery-powered four-door sports sedan called the Porsche Mission E and while Porsche did not reveal when we will get to see the vehicle, they did reveal some additional information about the Mission E.

When asking if Porsche would give the Mission E a fake engine sound, Porsche replied that they will not be lowering themselves down to use gimmicks to attract the consumers. Porsche also took a job at Tesla as they pointed out that Porsche Mission E drivers will not have to worry about their car not being able to produce the performance and top speed offered all the time. This was referring to the fact that the Tesla could only hit the 3 second time a 2 times before failing on the third.

Porsche also aims to ensure that the vehicle will charge up quick enough that their customers can take a 20-minute coffee break and the vehicle will recharge enough to offer about 250miles of range.

More will be revealed as we get closer to the unveiling.

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