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Porsche Taycan A Little More Affordable Now


As amazing as the Porsche Taycan is right now, it is not exactly affordable but Porsche did promise that they will have some cheaper options to offer and they are delivering that promise with the release of the 4S version.

The Porsche Taycan 4S will come in to sit in the middle of the range. Unlike the other 4S models that Porsche has been offering, the one on the Taycan will come with two powertrain options. The standard 4S will be powered by a 1221 lb lithium-ion battery pack that uses 79.2kWh while the other option will be powered by a 1389lb lithium-ion battery pack that will be offering 92.3kWh.

The regular model will offer about 429hp while the other one will have 482hp to offer. The 4S will also come with the 800-volt charging technology that Porsche claims means it will only need 22.5 minutes to charge up to 80%.

The Porsche Taycan 4S will retail for $10,150 right now for the regular Performance Bayyery verison while the Performance Battery Plus version will retail for $111,730

Author:Michelle Kade

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