Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is so good that it has been downloaded over 12 million times ever since the game was unleashed on Android and iOS platforms three week back!

We bet that figure will be growing even more as the developers has announced that a major update is now available for players on both platforms. According to the team, the new update will be including new powerful warriors, a new league, theater mode along with game balancing and bug fixes.

Following this update, players with more than 3,400 medals will be catapulted into League 6 and they will fight in the ruinous “Harwood County War Zone” stage. Plus, the Theater Mode will allow players to watch replays and provide them with stats on their victories and failures.

That’s not all – the developers has also confirmed that they have included many revamps to the initial health and attack stats of higher level rarity, and dropped the frequency of blocking and tuned to come on par to warrior class.

Well, we’re sure these is going to make the Power Rangers: Legacy War a whole lot better. If you’re a fan of the game, tell us what do you love the most!

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