As with most of the online games now, the developer will constantly be working on new features for the game. For PUBG, the fans will be getting the new Sanhok map but that is not all.

PUBG Corp also announced a new Event Pass which is similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass where players can earn new cosmetics by completing objectives from the Event Pass. Of course, the Event Pass is not free.

While that sounds like a reasonable addition to the game, the fans felt like there is still a lot that PUBG Corp can do to improve the game and they were not happy that PUBG Corp decided to add an Event Pass into the game instead of fixing the game first.

To appease the fans, PUBG Corp has now announced that they will be giving away an additional pair of items to all players whether they purchased the Event Pass or not.

PUBG Corp also said that they have been hearing about all the feedback and promise that they will continue to work on creating new ways for players to unlock content.

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