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PUBG Season 5: What To Expect?


It might have been an exciting week for Fortnite fans with the arrival of Chapter 2 but it is not the only Battle Royale game that is getting some new content. PUBG will also be getting its Season 5 soon and here are some of the changes that we might see.

One update that fans will surely welcome is the Miramar upgrade. It was reported that the developer will be adding racetrack to the map with loops, jumps, ramps and more. The is also the Gold Mirado.

Players will also see vending machines on the map now which will spawn is areas like arenas, motels, casinos, gas stations and more although the location will vary with each match. These machines will dispense Painkillers and Energy Drinks.

There will also be the new Survivor Pass and new mechanics like throwing items to your teammates now. PC players will receive the update on the 23rd of October while console players will have to wait until the 29th of October.

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