Waiting for Half Life 3 to even be initiated at the drawing board is like waiting for the end of days, so in the meantime we’ll need something to quench our thirsts instead of twiddling our thumbs.

Though it may be running on the Source engine, which is pretty old now, the latest title from Valve is Half Life: Prospekt.

It is the sequel to Half Life: Opposing Force that was released as an expansion pack for the original game, and most of the work done for it was by Gearbox under the guidance of Valve that was dedicating most of its attention to future projects at that time.

Gearbox employed plenty of help from the outside to develop Opposing Force, so it can be somewhat dubbed a fan-made game. Anyway, the gamers played as US Marine Adrian Shepard in that game which reprises his role in Prospekt. As the title suggests, the premise is set in Nova Prospekt instead of Black Mesa in Opposing Force.

Given how the first expansion was met by raving reviews, we expect no less from Prospekt which took two years to make. It is promised to be as long as Half Life 2: Episode One and sets gamers back a mere $10.

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