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Rage 2: Last DLC Pack Released!


The second major expansion for Rage 2 is now available and here is what we know right now.

Called TerrorMania, the new DLC will take you to the Deadlands where you need to battle a skeleton army. Players will get to explore the new lands, enemies, and get new sword weapon, the Sword of Transitus.

Ranger Walker will need to head into the alternate dimension to close to gateway before the skeleton army enters the Wasteland. For now, this will be the final DLC that the game will be getting since no new DLC was announced since this.

The DLC can be accessed from the in-game store and will cost players 500 Rage coins or $5 real-world money. Those that opt for the deluxe edition will get the Cult of the Death God mission, Reaper Assault Rifle weapon skin, Wasteland Celebrity Pheonix vehicle skin, Mutant Monster Truck vehicles skin and more and this will cost 1750 Rage coins or $17.50.

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