A Range Rover was spotted when it was getting tested out in the cold but since the vehicle was heavily covered in camo stickers, people are finding it hard to pinpoint what it really is under all the covers.

Some people seem to think that we might be looking at the two-door Range Rover that Land Rover has mentioned in the past. They did say that they will be working on one but they did not say when or if they have already started working on it.

One of the reasons why some people think this might be it is that although the door handles are there, it does look like the doors are too short to be an actual functioning door. This has lead many to believe that it might be fake door fitted on to throw us off.

However, some other people think that it is the redesigned model for the Range Rover as the Range Rover has already been around of 6 years and it should be about time Range Rover gave it an upgrade.

At this point, these are all just speculations so it is best to take it with a pinch of salt.

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