Since this is Razer, after all, most people would have guessed that their smartphone will also focus on the needs of gamers and looking at the device spec now, those people were not wrong at all.

After all the teasers, we finally got to see what the new Razer Phone will have to offer. Unlike most of the newer devices, the Razer Phone will come with a big bezel in front but most people would forgive them for it seeing as they did fit two front-facing stereo speakers in the front.

The power button will be fitted on the side and it will also function as a fingerprint sensor. The display will be a 5.72inch QuadHD LCD display with 120Hz UltraMotion display. Razer already announces that they will be working with Square Enix and Tencent. Games like Final Fantasy would be optimized to make use that what the Razer Phone can do.

The Razer phone will be running on the Snapdragon 835 processor with 64GB of internal storage. It will also be fitted with a 12mp dual camera and 8mp front camera. What do you think of the smartphone so far?

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