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Renault Clio Beats Volkswagen Golf In Europe To Nab Top Spot


The Renault Clio has sneaked past the Volkswagen Golf to become the top-selling car in February in Europe but not by much.

According to the report, Renault sold about 24,914 units of Renault Clio in Europe while Volkswagen sold about 24,735. What Renault also have is the extra time as they have been around a little longer than the new Volkswagen Golf.

While Renault takes home a win in February, the over sales number has dropped compared to last year. It was also reported that Europe’s new car market has been experiencing a 7% decline year-on-year.

While sales on new cars do not seem that great, sales for new electric-powered vehicles have been increasing with a report claiming that the number jumped from 75,400 in February last year to 135,500 in February 2020.

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