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Renault Is Aware Of The Hot Electric Demand


Fans have been hoping that Renault would work on a new Clio RS model ever since the 5th-gen Clio was revealed and while Renault is aware that their fans are asking for it, they have not confirmed if that is something that they will be offering in the future or not.

According to Gilles Normand, the EV division chief for Renault, customers have been asking for hot electric cars. As exciting as that sound, making one is not as easy as we think.

Firstly, with the battery tech that we have right now, the performance car will have a lot less range compared to the normal model. Of course, those asking for a performance version of the EV are probably aware of that but how much range are they willing to sacrifice for some extra power?

It was previously suggested that a hit Zoe was given the thumbs up and that it will be arriving in 2022. If that is true, we can forget about the Clio RS as these two would be competing for the same target audience.

Author:Michelle Kade

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