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Renault New Tech Will Connect Your Car & Your Home


Renault was one of the automakers seen at CES this year to show off a new feature that their future models could have.

The new feature was created by Otoda and is said to be a new connectivity solution that will allow drivers to control some devices in their homes using the infotainment system on their vehicles.

Owners will need to download a smartphone app and then use it to choose the devices that they want to control and create scenarios to make things more convenient. One example they gave was the Leaving Home scenario where it can shut the lights off, close the blinds, lower the thermostat when the owners drive off.

Customers can choose to customize the controls based on the vehicle and distance from home. The service will be arriving later this year and will be available on all Renault with the Easy Link infotainment system.

Author:Michelle Kade

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