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Renault Twingo Ready To Make EV Transition


Automakers are trying hard to work EVs into their lineup and for Renault, which includes turning the Twingo, their smallest car into an EV model.

According to Autocar, Renault is looking to release the electric Twingo early next year. It was added that Renault had originally planned to release the Twingo EV earlier but considered the lack of charging station but they think now would be the right time with the Zoe now out.

The Twingo will be riding on the ForTwo platform so changing it into an EV would not be an issue here. For now, we do not know much about the EV model including the range and there were talks that Renault could start off with a smaller range model and offer a longer range version later on.

The Renault Twingo EV would be able to come in to take on models like the Volkswagen e-Up!.

Author:Michelle Kade

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