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Renault Zoe RS Design Figured Out?


There were talks that Renault might be thinking about replacing the Clio RS with an all-electric Zie RS model and while Renault has not confirmed anything yet, designer Kleber Silva seems to think that this is how the RS model will look like when it finally arrives.

The rendering that the artist came out with based on the Zoe eSport Concept that Renault showed off back in 2017. The vehicle was given a bright yellow exterior color with fake grille, Renault Sport fog lights and more. In the back will be even more aggressive now.

There is no way of knowing how the Zoe RS will look like but we won’t be bad if it does actually comes looking like it. Other reports claim that Renault is looking at fitting the Zoe RS with a larger electric motor or add on a second electric motor. The latter option seems to be the better bet here.

Author:Michelle Kade

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