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Renault Zoe RS EV Hatch To Arrive In 2022


Renault is looking to give their Zoe a performance upgrade and they might already have a time in their mind on when the vehicle should be arriving.

There were already talks about Renault working on a hotter version fo the Renault Zoe ever since they showed off the Zoe e-Sport EV concept but according to Autocar, Renault is just waiting for the right moment for it to happen.

Ali Kassai, the product planning boss for Renault said that they have been thinking about it for some time now but he added that it will happen when the technology roadblocks are removed. He later said that he thinks the wait for the performance model should be short as they want to be in the lead and that we might actually see it in three years’ time.

Of course, just because they are paying so much attention to EV models does not mean that they are giving up on the ICE-powered RS model as they promise to continue offering those as long as it meets the regulations.

Author:Michelle Kade

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