Hopes for the collaboration between BMW and Toyota to resurrect the Toyota Supra nameplate were initially peppered with doubts, but since Toyota trademarked the Supra name at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), it’s no longer wishful thinking.

And like the Acura NSX, which was delayed numerous times across many years, it is understandable that there would be skeptics, considering the length of time fans have had to wait for the Supra revival.

But the NSX has finally showed up. Toyota’s commitment in bringing back the Toyota 86 nameplate has also given fans reason to be confident that the automaker would keep its word on the Supra. The classics are really returning.

Besides that, there’s no reason not to be hopeful of the Honda S2000 making a comeback as well. There’s no reason not to be hopeful about the rumors of it coming in the form of a ‘baby NSX’, as Honda has just trademarked a ZSX nameplate in Europe, and word has it that it would be a hybrid just like the NSX.

Since Honda has vacated a slot in its lineup through kicking out the hybrid CR-Z, the ZSX would fit nicely into the automaker’s future plans, particularly one that’s more focused on electrification and hybridization.

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