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Ring Fit Adventure & Fitness Boxing: Now Is Your Time


A lot of people are finding themselves with so much time to kill now that they are asked to stay at home to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and some of them are looking for ways to break a sweat without having to leave the house.

Well, there are a few games that would help you do that. One such game would be the Ring Fit Adventure. Of course, you do need the Nintendo Switch console as well as the accessory to play this game but if you do have everything, this is the perfect game to help you break a sweat and shed a few pounds while you stay at home.

Another popular work out game that you might want to consider is Fitness Boxing or Just Dance. If you want to feel like John Wick and start taking down enemies, there is also Pistol Whip but that is a VR game so you would need the right accessories as well.

How are you spending your time at home?

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Author:Michelle Kade

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