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Rivian R1T Tailgate Changing The Game?


When it comes to pickup trucks, there is really not a whole lot of place for automakers to get creative but Rivian might have a new trick to offer on their Rivian R1T tailgate.

A new patent filed by Rivan seems to show that the tailgate of their upcoming Rivan R1T pickup truck might be able to swing open for 180 degrees and hang below the bed thanks to the innovative hinges that it will be fitted with.

According to Teslarati, the new tailgate is called the Swing and Drop Tailgate and that it is a better solution to what the other automaker has to offer.

Of course, with such a design, if the vehicle were to be fitted with a trailer, the tailgate would fold into it but the patent seems to have that covered as well as it describes using latches to control the angle of the tailgate.

Author:Michelle Kade

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