By now, you would have heard of the All in One Gestures app found in the Google Play Store. This is the app that helps users to reconfigure the Bixby button for another application.

However, it looks like Samsung isn’t too happy with this as the Seoul-based company has send out an OTA update to versions of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ that is heading to Canadian carrier, Telus.

This update will rob users of the ability of Accessibility Service to intercept KeyEvents – this is how the All in One Gestures app permits users to remap the button. Although this is only for Telus devices right now, we’re pretty sure it’ll be hitting other Galaxy S8 devices around the world in time too.

However, we bet that fans aren’t happy with this new update. Many folks took to Reddit threads when the remapping tool was rediscovered as they were thrilled with the amount of customization on the new device.

Some even felt it was a good move as they wouldn’t have much use for Bixby. Well, this may have made plenty of folks happy but just not for Samsung – the company is determined for the AI assistant to come with a dedicated button, whether or not fans like it.

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