Flip phones and devices with a physical keyboard are common a decade ago but they are near none-existent today. Since smartphones took over, the common design is candy bar and this has got a section of the market missing the offerings from the past.

These folks have been whining on various tech forums, criticizing the lack of diversity in smartphone designs. Well, Samsung heard their cry and has hence released an Android-powered flip phone called SM-G9298.

The device features a traditional number pad and navigation buttons but this is only to complement the outer display which is a touchscreen. Both displays operate at Full HD and the fact that the phone relies on Snapdragon 821 makes it a strong device.

Everything about the SM-G9298 sounds great but it is unlikely to turn into a bestseller. What Samsung has failed to realize is that the cries of these folks are loud but they are small in numbers. It flip phone is made for a niche market hence it will not experience mass volume sales. Otherwise, we wouldn’t hear Blackberry struggling on the sales front.

Now that the SM-G9298 is out, there is no excuse for the whining bunch to complaint. But despite its availability, we don’t think that the loud folks will rush in to adopt the flip device.

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