The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the epitome of immortality; there’s simply no doubt in that. Although it was omitted from receiving the Android 7.0 Nougat update, this is one device that is still thriving and loved by people everywhere.

At this point, it doesn’t seem to matter if the Galaxy Note 4 isn’t going to receive the Nougat update as there are a whole lot of developers who are releasing custom unofficial ROMs for it.

Most of these ROMs allow Galaxy Note 4 users to experience the Screen-Off Memo. This is a feature that comes exclusive to the Galaxy Note series via the Nougat update.

There’s really no need to worry even if you’re not accustomed to custom ROMs as there are plenty of guides online, including this website.

It’s hard to refute that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an amazing device. Its 5.7-inch size may be too big for some with tiny paws but since it comes with a stylus, it isn’t such a big problem. And, this device merely costs $200 for a refurbished unit at Amazon.

Packing on the Snapdragon 805 and fitted with a durable 3,220mAh battery, the Galaxy Note 4 sure seems like it is miles away from reaching its end.

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