If you put aside its explosive tendencies, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a pretty amazing device. That was probably one of the main reasons why Samsung had to keep pushing folks to return te device when the recall was issued – owners were simply too in love and couldn’t let go of it!

However, now that the Note 7 is out of the way, we are greeted with tonnes of rumors on the upcoming Note 8. If these turn out to be true, it sure looks like the Seoul-based company is determined to make the world forget about the disastrous Note 7.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is slated to be sporting a 6.32-inch curved AMOLED display – this means, this Note device will be far bigger than the Note 7 as well as the Galaxy S8+.

Lovers of the S-Pen will also be happy to find out that it will be making a comeback with the upcoming Note device. Other rumors include that the Note 8 may be coming with QHD and about 6 to 8GB RAM.

Well, let’s hope Samsung doesn’t mess up with this Note device. That said, what else are you hoping the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come with?

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