Following the mess Galaxy Note 7 erupted after its debut back in 2016, folks are divided on the future of the Note series with half of them believing that the Note 8 will be launched while the other half aren’t expecting to see the Note sequel.

The hopeful half stand firm that Samsung will carry on producing the Note series and the Note 8 will be greater than ever as a bid to rectify the damages left by the fire-breathing Note 7.

However, it’ll be best for Samsung to get rid of the entire Note series as it will demonstrate to the public that the Seoul-based company is dedicated to ditching a bad nameplate to protect the brand’s image.

The gap left behind by the Note series can be easily filled with another Samsung product that is better and maybe even more exciting.

Also, the existence of the Note 8 will only serve to make things more confusing, especially since there has already been a Samsung-made tablet that uses the same moniker.

Well, we, for one, feel that there’s no hope for the Note series and are expecting a new range of smartphones to replace the Note series. Do you feel the same way?

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