The controversial president isn’t the only one still latched on to his Samsung Galaxy S3 despite an array of newer devices available on the market currently – many folks still stand by their Galaxy S3, either as a daily driver or a backup device.

One clear sign of this is the fact that there is a huge demand for custom ROMs of the latest Android versions for this device. Galaxy S3 users seem to be sticking to its 2,100mAh capacity rather than opting for the Galaxy S6 or S7.

Some may say that there are many third-party battery units on sale that could hit the 7,000mAh mark but don’t forget that charging time may take way longer as the Galaxy S3 does not come with the fast charging feature.

Well, it’s pretty obvious why folks are clinging on to their Galaxy S3s; the Galaxy S4 and S5 don’t look as good and the Galaxy S6 and S7 don’t come with the removable battery option.

Frustrating Battery Spells

It’s disappointing that the removable battery feature failed to make it into the recent Samsung flagship devices, such as the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7. This would have made the switch to the latest much easier for the Galaxy S3 folks.

The Galaxy S6, especially, would have benefitted from this inclusion as it has been synonymous with battery issues lately. The Galaxy S3 may be able to survive without Nougat but it’s a key component in fixing the Galaxy S6’s issues.

The Doze Mode via the Marshmallow update wasn’t really that helpful as folks still complained of battery drain issues as a result from the device’s overheating tendencies. There’s no doubt that there is a dire need for an improved variant of the efficiency feature as well as a more user-friendly Samsung Experience.

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Steven Schlossman · March 11, 2017 at 1:22 pm

I paid $120 to have my S3 screen replaced. I’m going to buy a refurbished S3 for $65 as a backup. I was interested in the S8. Don’t want the curved screen and I do like a replaceable battery. I have a high capacity battery for when I travel. No need to ditch my phone.

Ardell Livoti · March 13, 2017 at 9:49 am

Hier bietet sich insbesondere ein Fell aus Lamm an. Dieser Stoff oder dieses Fell ist ungemein angenehm und auch schonend für das Pferd.

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