Despite being an old device, many folks aren’t ready to give up their Galaxy S3 – some are still depending on it as a daily driver while other use it as a backup device.

It became obvious that there are still many Galaxy S3 users as there is a large demand for custom ROMs of the latest Android update for this device. Although the device has a significantly smaller batter compared to the Galaxy S6 and S7, most folks aren’t letting that shake their loyalty.

One of the main reasons folks are satisfied with the 2,100mAh battery unit in the Galaxy S3 is because this is a removable battery which gives owners the opportunity to swap batteries when needed or even opt for larger battery capacities.

Many folks were disheartened when the removable battery feature failed to make it into the latest Samsung flagship devices as this would have aided Galaxy S3 users to make that switch to the current models.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 probably needed the removable feature the most as this device has been plagued with various battery issues. The Galaxy S3 may not need Nougat to work well, but the latest update is crucial for the Galaxy S6 to rectify its frustrating problems.

Well, if you are still hanging on to your Samsung Galaxy S3 in 2017, tell us what is it about the device that makes it so hard to give it up?

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