Back in 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6S were strong competitors to each other. Despite it being over a year now, Apple is still not done competing with Samsung and it is evident in its recently launched refurbished phone program.

This is the first for Apple as it has never sold refurbished iPhone models on its US online store. Apple has even assured that in spite of being refurbished models, they do not lack in quality as well as performance.

These devices will be going for the cheapest prices yet. The 16GB iPhone 6s is priced at $449, the 16GB iPhone 6s Plus at $529 and the 64GB iPhone 6s Plus at $589. And you’ll be pleased to find out that they are all coming with Apple’s one-year warranty.

Samsung isn’t ready to back down as it has already prepared for this fight through its own refurbished phone program, as well. The South Korean manufacturer also includes a one-year warranty for its refurbished models.

The devices are priced at $400 for the 32GB Galaxy S6, $450 for the 64GB Galaxy S6 and the 64GB Galaxy S6 Edge, while the 64GB Galaxy S6 Edge will be going for $500.

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