It looks like Apple isn’t the only one that is rumored to have plans for a tiny variant for its flagship device, closest rival Samsung is apparently having plans for a Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini after it was spotted as being listed at the website of an online retailer.

Both the iPhone 6c and the Galaxy S6 Mini are not confirmed devices, so this is more of a fairytale face-off; nonetheless, the specs which they are believed to possess are accessible, and it is worth comparing these two mini devices.

So how to they match up? The Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini would sport a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED display, powered by a hexa-core 1.8GHz CPU with 2GB RAM. Internal memory would be at 16GB, while boasting a 15MP rear camera and a 5MP front one.

We don’t know if it has optical image stabilization like and there is no mention of battery capacity, but apparently the S6 Mini would feature a fingerprint sensor. It would be operating Android 5.1 Lollipop.

The iPhone 6c follows the nomenclature of the iPhone 5c, so perhaps Apple is looking to offer something more affordable in its lineup again. But rumors indicate that it wouldn’t be so affordable, potentially coming in at $500 with impressive specs to match.

It would operate on iOS 9, and be much smaller than the S6 Mini with a 4-inch display. The A9 processor would be at its heart paired with 2GB RAM. We don’t think it would feature 3D Touch due to its size, though Apple would be remiss to leave out Touch ID. Since there would be no expandable storage, as is typical of Apple, we think that 32GB internal space would be afforded. It would also have an 8MP shooter.

There are no details rumored on battery life for the iPhone 6c, but what is seen as low battery life in the 6S should do decently for the 6c.

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